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Mar 24
New Quest : Mist-III
Your journey through the Land of Mist continues. Fight through the Land of Mist and confront a powerful foe! : Aurora
New Monthly General : Aethyx

Mar 22
New Gift : Mystery Robe Gift & corresponding new Alchemy Item : Mystic Robe for Edea

Feb 12
You have finally made your way to the Land of Mist. Everyone is acting strange and land seems to be dying. Find the source of this corruption and stop it now!
With the return to the Land of mist, we find a new Boss Jahanna, Priestess of Aurora. There are a few new Alchemy items associated with her…
Orb of Jahanna, & the new recipe Force of Nature.

Feb 11
New Mercedes Gift : Mystery Locket Gift & corresponding new Alchemy Item : Witch Locket
New monthly general, Daphne released

Feb 03
New Chase Gift : Mystery Heirloom Gift & corresponding new Alchemy Item : Chase Family Heirloom

Jan 28'th
New monthly general, Oberon released!

Jan 26'th
New Gift, Alchemy Item, Monster & Achievement Released :
Mystery Air Gift, Air Orb, Valhalla, the Air Elemental

End of Arena 3. Thanks for playing, check out our updated Best-in-Game Armor Set!

Jan 17'th
Guild Battle bugfix: class abilities no longer activate when your health is below 200hp.

Jan 14'th
New monthly general, Dolomar and new Oracle treasure chest, Annihilator!

Jan 4'th
Cleric Balancing: In Guild Battles (including Arena) Clerics no longer heal stunned teammates.

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Nov 24 - North
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