Story: Ambrosia

A Kidnapped Princess -

Warrior, King Corelan of the Elves requires your assistance in finding his daughter. She has been captured by a band of dark elves. Find out where these elves are keeping the princess.

While tracking down the princess' whereabouts, you find one of her slippers next to a strange golden amulet.

Sub-Quest: Find the Dark Elves
Sub-Quest: Question Dark Elf Prisoners

The Elven Sorceress -

'Only one person I know has an amulet like that,' Ambrosia recalls. It may be that the elven sorceress Sylvana has kidnapped the princess. She is powerful and pursuing her will be dangerous.

You practice Dispel magic.

Sub-Quest: Train with Ambrosia
Sub-Quest: Learn Counterspell

The Search for Clues -

Artanis: 'Warrior, the elven blades and I will assist you in tracking down the princess. We would like you to join us in tracking her down.' Join Artanis and the Elven Blades as you track down Sylvana.

Artanis helps you track down Sylvana in a dark hidden cave.

Sub-Quest: Join Up with Artanis
Sub-Quest: Track Sylvana

The Hidden Lair -

As you approach the cave, you are greeted by a pair of cultist guards. The corridors of the cave are lit by candles dotting the sides of the walls. Ahead you hear chanting and praying.

A dark brooding atmosphere permeates the air. A red glow can be seen ahead of you. As you advance closer to the glow, you see an assortment of candles, arranged around a ritual circle. Upon the circle you see the princess lying atop a stone table. The dark elf sorceress, Sylvana, is chanting slowly as she lowers a bloodied dagger from her hands.

Celesta gasps and Sylvana quickly spins around.

"Celesta, Artanis, I am glad of you to join. You are witnessing a sacred ritual, the opening of a Black Portal!"

Celesta tries to speak, but Sylvana has already sealed her lips using a spell. Artanis and the elven blades rush into battle to save the princess. "It is too late" Sylvana says.

You dispel Sylvana's hold on Celesta and rush in to aid Artanis. Celesta engages Sylvana in a duel of magic. As Sylvana is distracted, you inspect the princess. The dagger had only given her a superficial wound, but she seemed to be in a trance. You cast dispel magic again and the princess breaths to life.

Suddenly the air crackles with energy and Ambrosia appears in the room. Sylvana gasps, and quickly escapes through a hidden passageway. The princess is saved, but at what cost?

Sub-Quest: Dispatch More Cultist Guards
Sub-Quest: Approach the Prayer Chamber

The Black Portal -

The Black Portal that Sylvana speaks of is a bridge between different worlds. Although I was able to contain the Black Portal, there could be more being created in our world. A demonic army has been seen marching nearby. Find out if they are connected to the Black Portals.

You come across creatures unlike anything you have ever seen. Horned demons with blackish purple skin and glowing green eyes. You follow the demon soldiers back to their source.

Sub-Quest: ?
Sub-Quest: ?

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