Story: Aurora

A Forest in Peril -

While traveling through the Land of Mist, you are suddenly attacked by feral animals. Their eyes glow with a green fiery countenance. You suspect something sinister behind this.

Aurora tells you that there is a druidic sect that guards the forest. They may have clues to the feral creatures' origins.

Sub-Quest: Defeat and Heal Feral Animals
Sub-Quest: Consult Aurora

Holy Fire -

Before setting out to find the druids, Aurora pulls you aside and tells you that she feels the power of demons nearby. She gives you her blessing before you continue on your journey.

You learn how to cast Holy Fire from Aurora. It may take a while to gain mastery of this spell, and you have to find the druids.

Sub-Quest: Train with Aurora
Sub-Quest: Learn Holy Fire

Forest of Ash -

You journey deep into the forest. You come across a large collection of tree houses. The doors to the houses are all smashed and the windows broken into. Find out what happened to these druids.

As you approach one of the broken houses you see a druid, bruised from battle, approach you from inside.

Sub-Quest: Discover Cause of Corruption
Sub-Quest: Find the Druids

The Fallen Druids -

The druid slowly unlocks his house and shivers as he looks at you. He steps out and collapses at your feet. He groans and rolls his eyes as he tries to speak. 'Water..' he gasps.

Celesta quickly conjures a vial of water and you press it to druid's mouth.

Gaining back what little strength he has left. The druid starts to tell his story.

"I came back from a journey to Weathertop and I found that my village has been turned by a demonic force. The druids have been running amok in their animal forms, tearing at trees and fighting each other until they spotted me. They chased me for hours until I slipped them and locked myself inside this treehouse.

"I heard them grunting about Norlefsil the Tree of Life. I do not know what plans they have for the sacred tree, but it seems that a dark and powerful spell has befallen my kind."

You ask your men to help the druid as you head back out of the forest.

Sub-Quest: Get Water for the Druid
Sub-Quest: Get Information from the Druid

The Source of Magic -

The Tree of Life binds the land together. The Land of Water brings life to the tree, and in return the Tree nourishes the land. An ancient demonic force has corrupted these druids. A Fel Tree of Life would be dangerous, as the land itself will be corrupted and our source of magic tainted.

You journey out to find the Tree of Life. Along the way you encounter a massive feral bear.

Sub-Quest: Find the Source of Corruption
Sub-Quest: Travel to the Tree of Life

Corruption of Nature -

Unable to aid the the bear as he is too far gone. Ahead you can see the massive branches of the Tree of Life towering before the edge of the forest. Suddenly the forest shivers and giant tree ent appears among the trees in front of you. Its eyes glow a fiery green.

Saddened by the corruption of the forest, Celesta releases the Tree Ent's spirit after your the battle.

Sub-Quest: Battle the Ent
Sub-Quest: Approach the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life -

The tree of life stands before you, its branches reaching miles into the sky. The large veins in its leaves glow with the same strange green as before. Below its great shadow, a large druidic wolf meditates, drawing power from the great Tree.


Sub-Quest: Find the Source of Corruption
Sub-Quest: Travel to the Tree of Life


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