Castle Age Storyline

[under construction]

Castle Age is a game with a little plot. Here you can read the story so far.

** Before reading the story, note that some story parts appear as small quest alerts or only appear once while others take up half a page, are more apparent in the game, and appear repeatedly.

Each storyline step is separated by empty lines except for the bosses and monsters in which paragraphs are separated because of the huge amount of text.


[incomplete] The beginning + Land of Fire: Gildamesh, the Orc King

[incomplete] Land of Water: Mephistopheles
[incomplete] Demon Realm: Keira, the Dread Knight
[incomplete] Undead Realm: Lotus Ravenmoore
[incomplete] Underworld: Skaar Deathrune


Each Demi Power has a different story; they are unrelated.

[incomplete] Ambrosia Path

[incomplete] Aurora Path
[complete!] Azeron Path


[incomplete] Cronus, the World Hydra
[incomplete] Battle of the Dark Legion
[complete!] Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental
[incomplete] Genesis, the Earth Elemental

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