Story: Battle of the Dark Legion

Success sequence:

orc_captain.jpg The orcs are breaching the eastern wall! Your dwarven allies are doing their best to fortify the wall but you can see they are being overwhelmed. If they do not receive help, the wall will be breached and the castle will eventually fall!

You take a small group of paladins and head towards the eastern wall. As you make your way up the ladder and run past the archers, you can feel the heat from the archers flame arrows as they are fired towards the orc invaders.

You arrive at the eastern wall just in time with the group of paladins. Your blade cuts through multiple orcs. Your paladin allies are just as quick to take care of their opponents. However, the orc invaders continue to pour in through the damaged eastern rampart. The paladins are doing their best to heal the wounded dwarves and fight off the orcs at the same time but it will be only a matter of time before the orcs make it through. You must make the tough decision to retreat from the eastern wall. Your only hope is to regroup with your other allies and hold out as long as you can.

Some Elven Blades appear by your side and buy you some time to escape. As they fight off the orcs, you have the paladins take the wounded dwarves and retreat towards the castle courtyard. There you can regroup with the other knights and make a final stand. Even if the outcome seems bleak, you will do your best to take down as many orcs as you can.

The path towards the castle courtyard is littered with the bodies of both defeated allies and enemies. Yet, you do not have a moment to think about the deceased as you must do your best to remain alive. The knights are already in the courtyard. They have set up a barricade using whatever was available. This is it. This will be the place of your final stand. As all the able-bodied army members prepare themselves for battle, you take a glance towards the eastern sky. You can see the sun start to peak through. What seems to be your final sunrise, also seems to be the most beautiful you have ever seen. Before you have another moment to appreciate the sunrise, you can hear the orcs coming.

They are closing in on your position! The makeshift barricade serves its purpose and it limits the number of attackers that can reach you. You fell multiple orcs with your efficient strikes but there is no end in sight. You can see your allies around you do their best to fight off the orcs. The dwarven battlemasters wave their heavy axes around as if they were light as a feather. The archers efficiently pull their bowstrings taut and let the arrows fly with pinpoint accuracy towards their foes. The elven blades gracefully and efficiently dispatch the orcs with their swords. The knights courageously fight with all their might. The noble paladins whose quiet demeanor belie their skill in battle dispatch orcs swiftly. However, without help, you realize this will be the end. The Horde of orcs continue to pour into the courtyard. You find yourself surrounded by a trio of orcs. This might be your last moment…

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning strikes one of the orcs. It's Celesta! And she has brought reinforcements! Strider! Dragan! Sano! Elizabeth! Dante! They have come to the rescue. You and your allies are invigorated by the reinforcements! With renewed strength, you cut through several more orcs. The other heroes are helping to push back the orcs! The orcs see that their comrades are falling easily. They are scared to approach you and your army!


As orc after orc is dispatched, the bloodlust of the Horde disappears and is replaced with fear. They are retreating! You have won!

The allies around you cheer. Humans, dwarves, and elves alike celebrate together. This should be a moment to be proud of. But there is something nagging you…where did this Horde come from?

Celesta: What is wrong? You look like you have seen a ghost. You should be celebrating this victory.

You: Oh nothing. I am just exhausted. I am glad to see you and you came just in the nick of time!

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