Class Abilities

Advanced Monster Battles such as Bahamut introduced the use of Character Classes as a way of differentiating the experience of playing. Guild Battles extended this idea to PvP play and allowed for the purchase of "special abilities." These original abilities were upgradeable through four levels of strength via guild tokens in the Guild Shop. The Annihilator treasure chest included more special abilities which could be purchased with favor points (though they are awarded randomly). After arena, more special abilities were available from the shop.

These skills can be considered passive, as they do not require selection to activate. Generally they operate by "success" in battle but some activate randomly regardless of success.

Icon Ability Name Class Effect Source
whirlwind.gif Whirlwind Warrior On success, deal damage to opponents next to your target. Guild Shop
evade.gif Evade Rogue Chance to receive no damage in fight. Guild Shop
items_leadership.jpg Leadership Warrior On victory, You gain +8 Damage Bonus and
surrounding Allies also gain +3 Damage Bonus (not stackable)
Annihilator Chest
items_manashield.jpg Mana Shield Mage Absorb 60 Damage in Guild Battles and Guild Monsters (Lasts 1 hour)
- Self Only
Annihilator Chest

These skills can be considered active and must be selected from the Special Ability menu of your target to activate..

Icon Ability Name Class Effect Source
items_backstab.jpg Backstab Rogue +20 Damage to enemy in Guild Battle with Full Health Annihilator Chest
items_cleanse.jpg Cleanse Cleric Remove a Debuff Annihilator Chest
polymorph.gif Polymorph Mage Polymorph enemy, which will give auto-victory and
reduced damage received for whoever attacks target next
Guild Shop
heal.gif Heal Cleric Restores some health for targeted ally Guild Shop
dispel.gif Dispel Cleric Remove a Debuff and Heal a Player for 20 Health. Guild Shop
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