Demi-Powers are used to get special items from the Demi Gods. The rewards are acquired when you gain Demi Points. There are five Demi Gods and 5 Demi Points, each god having their own point. Demi Points are obtained from daily blessings, daily battling, monster attacks or monster loot. It will take you about 45 days to get the best rewards from each Demi God.


Her symbol represents: Wisdom, Knowledge, and Magic. She shines her light on the inventive and those that explore the arcane. Those aligning with her Star are imbued with mystical powers.

Reward Class Required Demi Points
Sword of Light Weapon 100
Demi-Quest 200
Favor Point 300
Tempest Crown Helmet 400
Favor Point 500
Demi-Quest 600
Energy Potion 750
Staff of the Tempest Weapon 900
Favor Point 1,050
Energy Potion 1,200
Demi-Quest 1,300
Tempest Shield Off-Hand 1,500
Favor Point 1,650
Energy Potion 1,800
Demi-Quest 2,000
Robes of the Tempest Armor 2,200
Favor Point 2,400
Energy Potion 2,600
Demi-Quest 2,800
Amulet of the Tempest Amulet 3,100
Favor Point 3,300
Demi-Quest 3,400
Energy Potion 3,600
Favor Point 3,950
Demi-Quest 4,250
Tempest Storm Spell 4,500
Favor Point 4,850
Stamina Potion 5,100
Energy Potion 5,500
Tempest Helm Helmet 5,900
Tempest Plate Plate 6500
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