Story: Demon Realm

The Rift:

You must reach the rift now and close it before it's too late! You rush towards the portal, taking down demon after demon. Just as you are twenty yards from the portal, you are stopped by an imposing figure. "I don't know who you are but prepare for your end."

Quest sequence:


Boss: Keira, the Dread Knight

Summoning sequence:


Success sequence:

boss_keira_framed.jpg You see Keira fiercely fending off the attacks of your fellow army members. The group has put together a valiant offensive effort and she is on the verge of defeat. You grip your weapon tightly and wipe the sweat from your brow. This HAS to be the deciding blow.

You gather strength in your tired body and rise to your feet. Keira is busily evading a volley of fire arrows. As she hops back, you see your opening! You rush forth from the right. She sees you but it's too late. She tries to bring her blade down on your head but her wounds have made her slow. You narrowly sidestep her strike and plunge your blade through the jewel on her chest plate. Have you done it?

Keira: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! How can you mere mortals defeat me? I am one of the Guardians of Mephistopheles!

A burst of intense light radiates from Keira's body. In an instant she disappears and there's nothing left of her except her armor and a cloud of sulphur.

You have done it. You have defeated her. You should be happy but you are so exhausted that you can barely think. Who was this Keira? How is she connected to Mephistopheles? You came to the Demon Realm to find Mephistopheles but you haven't found any answers.

From here, where do you go?

Note: Keira was a boss before Mephistopheles became a boss in the game; Mephistopheles was put in as the boss of Land of Water which had no boss at that time and so the story is thrown off a bit. Land of Water is the stage before Demon Realm.

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