Elite Guard

Help Enlist army members to be part of your Elite Guard to improve your prowess in battle and help you on your adventures through Valeria. Elite Guard classes will be assigned in the order Guard members that join you. Elite Guard members will stay with you for 24 hours.

Quest Influence Bonus:

The more Elite Guard members you have, the faster you will gain Quest Influence when doing quests.

Elite Guard Classes:

When Elite guard members join you, you collect cumulative boosts to your base stats.

fighter.jpg Fighter
(+1 Attack)
Often said to be the children of the God of War, Aries, the skills of a great Fighter are forged through numerous fights on the battlefield.
thief.jpg Thief
(+5% Gold from Quests and Battles)
Although lacking the brute force of a fighter, Thieves are known for their cunning and agility. If you lose track of them in battle, a Thief will be sure to relieve you of your gold and your items.
cleric.jpg Cleric
(+2 Defense)
Drawing on the holy energies from the Priestess Goddess, Medicae, Clerics are important units on the battlefield. Able to provide holy shields and healing, the effectiveness of a battle party is increased many times over with the presence of a Cleric.
mage.jpg Mage
(+2 Attack)
Mages are able to draw the energy from their surroundings and convert it into the magical life-force known as mana. Mages harness this energy to magically conjure searing fireballs and chilling blizzards.
guardian.jpg Guardian
(+2 Defense)
Guardians are carefully selected by kings and nobles alike for their ability to fend off threats. True Guardians will protect their targets to the very end.
rogue.jpg Rogue
(+10% Gold from Quests and Battles)
Masters of stealth, rogues have the uncanny ability to go undetected and sneak up on their targets. This often results in a quick end for a Rogue's enemies.
highpriest.jpg High Priest
(+3 Defense)
Only those said to be true servants to the Priestess Goddess are able to be bathed Medicae's Holy Light. High Priest's have access to powerful Holy spells and have been rumored to even resurrect people from the brink of death.
gladiator.jpg Gladiator
(+3 Defense)
Gladiators are elite warriors who seldom find equals in hand-to-hand combat. With the ability to wield all types of weapons and with battle instincts as sharp as steel, Gladiators are able to take on lesser armies by themselves.
paladin.jpg Paladin
(+5 Defense)
Fighters who choose to follow a holy path train endlessly to attain the status of a Paladin. Not only are Paladins more than capable in armed combat but they also have access to powerful Holy spells to further bolster their defensive capabilities.
archmage.jpg Arch Mage
(+5 Attack)
In order to become Arch Mages, mages often sacrifice their physical well-being in order to truly understand the mystical properties of mana. Although their physical bodies are frail, Arch Mages are able to conjure some of the most powerful and destructive spells known in Valeria.

Quick Add Elite Guard

With a little effort and a decently sized army, preferably ~75+, you can easily add army members to fill up your elite guard without having to "CTA".

Method 1:

  1. Save/bookmark your army's elite guard CTAs and put them in a folder
  2. When you need elite guards, click on open folder, open all or open them one by one if you like.

Method 2:
1. Make a html page using notepad (Take half an hour or 10 minutes free time a day to make it - it's worth the time.)

<a href="http://apps.facebook.com/castle_age/party.php?jneg=true&user=FBID">
John Smith (name)

You can right click on elite guard CTAs, copy link location and paste into the http part.

To manually fill in Facebook IDs:
(The facebook ID # can be found on your friend's profile in the link at the top or if it's customized, clicking on their profile picture will lead you to their gallery and the Facebook ID at the link section on your browser.)

2. save as "eliteguard.html"

3. Every time you need elite guards, open up the page in your browser, hold onto the ctrl key (this causes links to open in new tab) and click on the links, going down the list. After you've clicked about 20 names, you can start closing the tabs. When you near the end of the tabs, see if the msg "Your elite guard is FULL" shows up, if not, go click on more links.

And thus you have these links for life, only needing one minute to fill up your elite guard. You can keep on adding onto your list if you'd like.

Lotus Monster Battles

Cleric: Casts cure for 1-5 health regeneration

High Priest: Casts holy word for extra damage against Lotus Ravenmoore

Paladin: Casts holy stasis for an extra 10% damage against Lotus Ravenmoore

(numbers are subject to change with further conformation.)

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