Attack: 25
Defense: 12

Item Type: Weapon

Obtained: Combine through Alchemy

Alchemy Ingredients:

item_starmetal.jpg Star Metal x 1
item_starcrystals.jpg Star Crystals x 1
alchemy_star_fire.jpg Star Fire x 2
Amulet-of-Cefka.jpg Amulet of Cefka x 1
Holy-Avenger.jpg Holy Avenger x 1

Additional Information:

Exalibur is one of three ingredients needed to create Soulforge.

The Amulet of Cefka will be consumed by the Excalibur recipe, but you will be able to receive another one from the "A Look Into the Darkness" quest. The Holy Avenger will be consumed as well, but you will NOT be able to receive another one from the quest once it has been consumed.

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