Battlegrounds or sometimes called Festival Guild Battle is an event under the Castle Age Festival where guilds go head to head under Arena Season 3 format. Festival Guild Battles require that the guild master or one of the guild officers opt-in into the league. Once they have opt into the league, they will then need to set the preferred time of battle from the Guild page. Battles are automatically generated based on the preferred time a guild has set.

Guilds can only participate in 1 battle every 24 hours.

Setting Preferred Time

Guild Master and Officers can set their preferred battle time to a time most comfortable for a majority of members. This is to get the maximum participation from members, and would show the strength of the guild.

Guilds can change their preferred battle time only once every 24 hours. Once they have updated their preferred time, they will be unable to get a battle in 24 hours.

Battle Rules

  • Requires 20 stamina to opt in a battle. Players are awarded 10 tokens when they opt in.
  • Battle lasts for 60 minutes (maximum of 21 tokens can be used).
  • 1 token is regenerated every 5 minutes. Players can only hold onto a maximum of 10 tokens at any time.
  • Once a player goes under 200 health, they are considered Stunned but can still activate their class innate ability if they are victorious. Players with 0 health can no longer use their class ability.
  • The guild which annihilates the other guild or has the highest percentage of members with 200+ health in relation to their guild size is declared the winner.
  • In case of a tie, no winner is declared and both guilds are "defeated".
  • A 10% win bonus is awarded to the winning guild.

Ranking System

The Battlegrounds ranking system is based on the the winning capabilities of guilds. At the beginning, every guild starts out as Unranked. After five matches, guilds will be placed into the Bronze or Silver league. From there, they will be evaluated, based on a minimum of five matches, to determine if guilds move up, stay, or move down in rank. Guilds who win a lot of matches will likely move up in ranks, while those who keep losing will likely drop down. As guilds move up the ranks, they will get access to new guild banners – some of which provide bonuses for all guild members.



Rank Title Reward
1 Bronze League Festival Bronze Standard guild_symbol_6.gif
2 Silver League Festival Silver Standard guild_symbol_7.gif
3 Gold League Festival Gold Standard guild_symbol_8.gif
4 Platinum League Festival Platinum Standard guild_symbol_9.gif
5 Vanguard League Festival Vanguard Standard guild_symbol_10.gif
6 Alpha League Festival Alpha Standard guild_symbol_11.gif


Title Battle Points Rewards
SAVAGE TIER Battle Points Rewards
Initiate 500 Skill Points
Vandal 1500 Skill Points
Savage 3000 Savage Smash
Brigand 6000 Skill Points
Enforcer 12000 Skill Points
Fighter 20000 Fighter Glaive
Protector 40000 Skill Points
Defender 75000 Skill Points
Guardian 100000 Guardian Amulet
Slaughterer 150000 Skill Points
Killer 200000 Skill Points
Slayer 250000 Slayer Helm
Avenger 300000 Skill Points
Rechoner 350000 Skill Points
Eradicator 500000 Eradicator Hammer
Champion 650000 Skill Points
Archon 800000 Skill Points
Master 1000000 Kraxus
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