Adriana comes from a lineage of pureblood vampires. The affairs of mankind often do pique her interest but the increasing amount of wars has drawn her and her clan of vampires into conflict.
Special Ability
Decreases Opposing War Council's Defense by X
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 16 18 -1 Defense to Opposing War Council
2 17 19 -1 Defense to Opposing War Council
3 18 20 -2 Defense to Opposing War Council
4 19 21 -3 Defense to Opposing War Council
SET 23 21 -3 Defense to Opposing War Council
+2% Critical hit chance

Item bonuses:

lifebane.jpg Lifebane: +2 Attack to Adriana
death_ward.jpg Death Ward: +2 Attack to Adriana
skullstone_relic.jpg Skullstone Relic: +2% Critical hit chance when Adriana is equipped

Additional Information:
Her ability states defense decrease but her thumb profile has "-X Attack to your opponents War Council" on the general page. It does say "-X Defense to Opposing War Council" in her full profile when she is equipped and "Hero Power: -X Defense" when used in War/Tactics.

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