Aria was one of Lotus Ravenmoore's last known apprentices. Although she initially dedicated herself to learning the darker powers of wizardry, she has now turned a new leaf and uses her magic to protect Valeria.
Special Ability
Increases Max Energy by X
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 13 16 +2 Max Energy
2 14 17 +4 Max Energy
3 15 18 +8 Max Energy
4 16 19 +10 Max Energy
SET 17 20 +11 Max Energy

Item Bonuses:
mindcontrol.jpg Mind Control: +1 Defense to Aria
grimshawjewel.jpg Grimshaw Jewel: +1 to Max Energy when Aria is equipped
emeraldsaber.jpg Emerald Saber: +1 Attack to Aria

Buy Links with FP:

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