As a warrior angel, Azul is a shining beacon of destructive justice. Dispatched by the forces of Heaven to bring down Xira and her cohorts, he knows he can not rest until his mission is accomplished.
Special Ability
Increases Attack and Defense to Player
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 17 17 +2 Max Attack, +2 Max Defense
2 18 18 +3 Max Attack, +3 Max Defense
3 19 19 +4 Max Attack, +4 Max Defense
4 20 20 +5 Max Attack, +5 Max Defense
SET 21 22 +5 Max Attack, +5 Max Defense

Item bonuses:

Atonement.jpg Atonement: +1 Attack to Azul
Absolution.jpg Absolution: +2 Defense to Azul
Hand-of-Justice.jpg Hand of Justice: +1% Critical hit chance when Azul is equipped

Additional Information:

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