Attack Defense Special Ability
Level 1 16 15 Increases Player Attack by 1
Level 2 18 16 Increases Player Attack by 2
Level 3 19 17 Increases Player Attack by 3
Level 4 20 18 Increases Player Attack by 4

Obtained: Combine through Alchemy

Lore: His story is a tale of hope and aspiration… then tragedy, and despair. Cartigan was a mighty hero from the Land of Fire called the Savior. In the midst of a heated battle with a mighty demon, both he and foe were said to have clashed blades, and with a mighty flash, simply vanish into the wind.

To create Cartigan, you will need:
3 x Sword of the Faithless
3 x Crystal of Lament
3 x Soul Eater

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