Crissana was a young child when her parents, the leaders of an assassins guild, were murdered by Kaiser, one of the lieutenants of the guild. Crissana's life was spared on that fateful day, but since then, she has vowed vengeance.
Special Ability
Increases All stats by X
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 19 15 +1 to all Player stats
2 20 16 +2 to all Player stats
3 21 17 +3 to all Player stats
4 22 18 +4 to all Player stats
SET 23 19 +4 to Max Energy, Attack, Defense, Health
+8 to Max Stamina

Item bonuses:

scytheblade.jpg Scytheblade: +1 Attack to Crissana
vindicator-shield.jpg Vindicator Shield: +1 Defense to Crissana
trigon-necklace.jpg Trigon Necklace: +4 to Max Stamina when Crissana is equipped

Additional Information:

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