Attack Defense Special Ability
Level 1 16 16 -4% soldier cost
Level 2 17 17 -6% soldier cost
Level 3 18 18 -8% soldier cost?
Level 4 19 19 -10% soldier cost
Level 4 + equip 20 20 -10% soldier cost, +1% Critical
+8 Max Health, +2 Max Stamina, +5 Max Energy

Obtained: Master/Apprentice reward, Reinforcements

Purchase Price: Have 28 Army or purchase for 30 FPs from The Oracle

Lore: A famous general from the Lionheart Civil War, Darius commands respect from both his own soldiers and his enemies.

Item Bonuses:
Crushing Blade: +1 Attack to Darius
Terran Plate: +8 Max Health when Darius is equipped
Crown of Darius: +2 Max Stamina when Darius is equipped
Mark of the Wolf: +2 Max Energy when Darius is equipped
Aegis of Earth: +1 Defense to Darius
Mythril Fists: +3 Max Energy when Darius is equipped
Wolfwood Amulet: +1% Critical when Darius is equipped

Additional Information: Darius is a Reinforcement when you reach 28 army members or purchase with 30 Favor Points. He used to be a reward once your apprentice reached a certain level but that has been removed recently. Those who already have apprenticeships active will still receive this reward unless they have already claimed it under Army. Heroes should not be duplicable and as far as I know they are not.

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