Elaida is a well-revered paladin emissary from Valeria to the Ivory Tower. While the Realm of Heaven is in disarray after the defeat of Azriel, Elaida has opted to assist those in need in the mortal realms until she is again allowed entry into the Ivory Tower.
Special Ability
Heal for an additional Health with Heal Ability
Treasure Chest: Annihilator
Rarity: Epic
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 22 25 Heal 10 additional Health
2 23 26 Heal 15 additional Health
3 24 27 Heal 20 additional Health
4 25 28 Heal 25 additional Health
SET 27 30 Heal 25 additional Health

Item bonuses:
eq_elaida_weapon.jpg Path of the Tower: +2 Attack to Elaida
eq_elaida_amulet.jpg Ivory Tower Insignia: +1 Defense to Elaida
eq_elaida_helm.jpg Crown of Deliverance: +1 Defense to Elaida

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