Elizabeth Lione
Elizabeth Lione
As Queen of the Silver Light, possessor of the largest Silver Light Crystal, Elizabeth's magic is rivaled by few. She possesses the power of regrowth and rejuvenation.
Special Ability
While equipped, increases Max Energy by X and decreases Max Stamina by Y, depending on level.
Origin: Land of Fire
Recruitment Cost Upkeep Cost
400,000 1,200
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 10 12 +3 Max Energy
-2 Max Stamina
2 11 13 +7 Max Energy
-4 Max Stamina
3 12 14 +12 Max Energy
-7 Max Stamina
4 13 15 +15 Max Energy
-10 Max Stamina
SET 13 18 +18 Max Energy
-6 Max Stamina

Item Bonuses
eq_gift_elizabeth_complete.jpg Ring Of Life: +3 Energy
eq_gift_elizabeth2_complete.jpg Silverlight Tome: +3 Defense to Elizabeth Lione
gift_elizabeth3_complete.jpg Staff Of Vigor: +4 Stamina when Elizabeth Lione is equipped

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