Although a pupil in training, Elora has pulled ahead of her peers among the Silverlight archers. No easy task among a race of natural born elite marksmen. She longs for an opportunity to fight alongside her role model, Serene.
Special Ability
Increases Player Attack and decreases Max Energy by X
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 18 17 +5 Attack, -5 Max Energy
2 19 18 +8 Attack, -8 Max Energy
3 20 19 +11 Attack, -11 Max Energy
4 21 20 +15 Attack, -15 Max Energy
SET 23 20 +15 Attack, -15 Max Energy
+1% Critical, +3 Max Stamina

Item Bonuses:
golden_horn_bow.jpg Golden Horn Bow: +2 Attack to Elora
tetheryn_glove.jpg Tetheryn Glove: +1% Critical hit chance when Elora is equipped
sharpwind_amulet.jpg Sharpwind Amulet: +3 Stamina when Elora is equipped

Additional Information:

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