The mysterious mage, Godric, appeared in Valeria shortly after the invasion of Mephistopheles. It is unclear why the powerful mage is here in this land but it is clear that he would be a powerful ally or a devastating foe.
Special Ability
Increases Max Energy by X
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 17 17 +5 Max Energy
2 18 18 +10 Max Energy
3 19 19 +15 Max Energy
4 20 20 +20 Max Energy
SET 22 22 +20 Max Energy
+2 Max Stamina

Item bonuses:

Rift_Blade.jpg Rift Blade: +2 Attack to Godric
Spellweaver_Cloak.jpg Spellweaver Cloak: +2 Defense to Godric
Time_Shift.jpg Time Shift: +2 Max Stamina when Godric is equipped

Additional Information:

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