Halcyon decided to follow Xira when she was banished from the heavens. As punishment for leaving heaven, she was forced to give up her eyesight. Halcyon now serves as Xiras herald of destruction.
Special Ability
While equipped, transfer X% Attack to Defense
Treasure Chest: Oblivion
Rarity: Rare
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 15 24 Transfer 10% Attack to Defense
2 16 25 Transfer 15% Attack to Defense
3 17 26 Transfer 20% Attack to Defense
4 18 27 Transfer 25% Attack to Defense
SET 20 29 Transfer 25% Attack to Defense
+2 Max Stamina

Item bonuses:
Halcyon Grinder: +2 attack to Halcyon
Halcyon Necklace: +2 stamina when Halcyon is equipped
Halcyon Glove: +2 defense to Halcyon

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