Special Ability
While equipped, Player Attack is increased by X when attacked.
Recruitment Type Required
Alchemy The Dreadnought
Keira's Soul
Dreadnought Plate
Dreadnought Horns
Dreadnought Greatsword
Demon Strength
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 15 23 +2 Attack when attacked
2 16 24 +4 Attack when attacked
3 17 25 +6 Attack when attacked
4 18 26 +8 Attack when attacked
SET 20 26 +8 Attack when attacked
Warrior class bonus in guild battles

Item Bonuses:
Demon Strength: +2 Attack to Keira
Signet of Keira: Gain +3 additional attack and defense as Warrior in guild battles while Keira is equipped

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