Put under a spell, the once evil Morrigan has become a protector over the civilians of Valeria. The spell that controls her evil may be weakening, but she remains loyal to Valeria.
Special Ability
While equipped, X% chance to receive extra Demi Points from battles, and monster battles, depending on level.
Origin: Land of Water
Recruitment Cost Upkeep Cost
90,000 200
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 6 7 +2% Demi Points
2 7 8 +3% Demi Points
3 8 9 +4% Demi Points
4 9 10 +5% Demi Points
SET 12 10 +5% Demi Points
+2 Max Stamina

Item Bonuses:
eq_zealot_amulet.jpg Blood Flask: +2 to Max Stamina when Morrigan is equipped
gift_morrigan_complete.jpg Shadow Blast: +3 Attack to Morrigan

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