Raziel the Silent
Raziel the Silent
Raziel is rumored to be the founder of the Silent Collective; agents established all over Valeria with unknown intent. Currently Raziel has a priority list of targets he is slowly hunting down one by one.
Special Ability
Increase Evade chance in Guild Battles and Monsters
Treasure Chest: Annihilator
Rarity: Epic
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 26 23 Increase Evade by 3%
2 27 24 Increase Evade by 4%
3 28 25 Increase Evade by 5%
4 29 26 Increase Evade by 6%
SET 31 28 Increase Evade by 6%

Item bonuses:
eq_raziel_weapon.jpg The Galvanizer: +2 Attack to Raziel
eq_raziel_amulet.jpg Amulet of Shadows: +1 Defense to Raziel
eq_raziel_armor.jpg Terrorshard Armor: +1 Defense to Raziel

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