The Seven Blades of Sano are part of forgotten legend within the hall of champions. He carries with him a giant sword, an ultimate weapon of last resort.
Special Ability
While equipped, complete sub quests X% faster.
Origin: Land of Earth
Recruitment Cost Upkeep Cost
30,000 20
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 3 3 Complete sub quests 2% faster
2 4 4 Complete sub quests 3% faster
3 5 5 Complete sub quests 4% faster
4 6 6 Complete sub quests 5% faster
SET 8 8 Complete sub quests 5% faster

Bonus Items:
bonecrusher.jpg Bonecrusher: +2 Attack to Sano
eq_gehenna_armor.jpg Lava Plate: +2 Defense to Sano

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