Although Scarletts talents in the magical arts could have garnered her recognition as one of the most powerful mages, she decided to take another path seeking out ancient magical relics from Valerias past.
Special Ability
Increases the Hourly Income by X%
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 17 17 +3% Income from your Properties
2 18 18 +4% Income from your Properties
3 19 19 +5% Income from your Properties
4 20 20 +6% Income from your Properties
SET 20 24 +6% Income from your Properties
+2 Energy

Item bonuses:

eq_scarlet_staff.jpg Crystalline Rod: 2 Defense to Scarlett
eq_scarlet_robe.jpg Carmine Robes: +2 Defense to Scarlett
eq_scarlet_amulet.jpg Magicite Locket: +2 Energy when Scarlett is equipped

Additional Information:

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