Severin was a veteran of the Lion's Rebellion and a devout follower of Corvintheus. Having recently learned the righteous deity challenged the realm of Valeria, Severin now questions his idol of worship and has set himself upon a path to find answers.
Special Ability
Heroic Stand
+X Attack for next 5 actions (7-hour cooldown)
Treasure Chest: Annihilator
Rarity: Rare
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 18 18 +10 attack for next 5 actions
2 19 19 +15 attack for next 5 actions
3 20 20 +20 attack for next 5 actions
4 21 21 +25 attack for next 5 actions
SET 22 22 +25 attack for next 5 actions
+5 Max Health

Item bonuses:
eq_severin_weapon.jpg Truthseeker Blade: +1 Attack to Severin
eq_severin_amulet.jpg Truthseeker Pendant: +5 Health when Severin is equipped
eq_severin_helm.jpg Devout Helm: +1 Defense to Severin

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