Once a proud soldier from the Land of Fire, Slayer has been turned into a minion of the undead by an unknown maker. Slayer now stalks the night looking for the one responsible for his current form.
Special Ability
Increases Critical chance by X% against Monsters
Cost Buy Link
30 Favor Points
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 16 15 +0.5% Critical chance againt Monsters
2 17 16 +1% Critical chance against Monsters
3 18 17 +2% Critical chance against Monsters
4 19 18 +3% Critical chance against Monsters
SET 20 19 +3% Critical chance against Monsters
+1 Max Energy

Item bonuses:
eq_slayer_armor.jpg Blood Vestment: +1 Defense to Slayer
eq_slayer_gauntlet.jpg Slayer's Embrace: +1 Max Energy when Slayer is equipped
eq_slayer_sword.jpg Vampiric Blade: +1 Attack to Slayer

Additional Information:

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