With the disappearance of Lotus Ravenmoore, many denizens have found themselves severed from the Angel of Death's dark embrace. Zurran, as a result, has been freed from Ravenmoore's bond, and searches the mortal realm for a new purpose.
Special Ability
Deal additional damage with Mage passive ability
Treasure Chest: Annihilator
Rarity: Epic
Level Attack Defense Special Ability
1 25 25 Deal an additional 2 damage
2 26 26 Deal an additional 4 damage
3 27 27 Deal an additional 6 damage
4 28 28 Deal an additional 8 damage
SET 31 28 Deal an additional 8 damage
+5 Max Energy

Item bonuses:
eq_zurran_spell.jpg Necronic Blast: +2 Attack to Zurran
eq_zurran_amulet.jpg Necronic Ring: +5 Energy when Zurran is equipped
eq_zurran_weapon.jpg Soul Siphon: +1 Attack to Zurran

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