Guild Requirements

You must be at least level 50 and be able to pay the 1,000,000,000 gold fee to create a guild. The creator of the guild will become the guild master by default. The guild master can be changed to a different member at a later point. The guild master will choose the guild name, which must be unique and cannot be changed, and the guild banner at that time. In order for a guild to show up on the guild list, the guild must have a minimum of five guild members. The maximum amount of guild members allowed in a guild at one time is 100 members.

Guild Positions

Guild Master

The guild master has the ability to send membership requests to individuals to join the guild and accept membership requests from applicants. The guild master must be friends with an individual to send a guild request, but a guild applicant does not need to be a friend with the guild master in order to apply.

The guild master also has the ability to promote guild members to officers or to the guild master position, to remove guild members, to change the logo of the guild, and to make announcements. The guild master cannot leave the guild unless he/she is the last member of the guild or the title of guild master has been passed to another guild member.

Guild Officers

A guild member can only be made an officer by the guild master. There is a maximum of twenty guild officers. The officers may send guild membership requests as well as accept membership requests from applicants to join the guild.

Guild Logos and Banners

guild_symbol_1_left.jpg guild_symbol_1.gif guild_symbol_1_right.jpg
guild_symbol_2_left.jpg guild_symbol_2.gif guild_symbol_2_right.jpg
guild_symbol_3_left.jpg guild_symbol_3.gif guild_symbol_3_right.jpg
guild_symbol_4_left.jpg guild_symbol_4.gif guild_symbol_4_right.jpg
guild_symbol_5_left.jpg guild_symbol_5.gif guild_symbol_5_right.jpg
Festival Standards
guild_symbol_6_left.jpg guild_symbol_6.gif guild_symbol_6_right.jpg
guild_symbol_7_left.jpg guild_symbol_7.gif guild_symbol_7_right.jpg
guild_symbol_8_left.jpg guild_symbol_8.gif guild_symbol_8_right.jpg
guild_symbol_9_left.jpg guild_symbol_9.gif guild_symbol_9_right.jpg
guild_symbol_10_left.jpg guild_symbol_10.gif guild_symbol_10_right.jpg
guild_symbol_11_left.jpg guild_symbol_11.gif guild_symbol_11_right.jpg
guild_symbol_12_left.jpg guild_symbol_12.gif guild_symbol_12_right.jpg
guild_symbol_13_left.jpg guild_symbol_13.gif guild_symbol_13_right.jpg
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