Guild Shop

In the Guild Shop you can spend your Guild Tokens to purchase class abilities or the general Deianira. Each ability can be upgraded four times. Note that some abilities are only able to be used by a particular Guild Class.

Image Item Name Description Cost per level
resistance.gif Resistance All Classes:
Take less damage in Guild Monsters and Battles
250, 375, 625, ??
whirlwind.gif Whirlwind Warrior Ability:
Damages multiple enemies on attack.
1250, ??, ??, ??
evade.gif Evade Rogue Ability:
Passive ability allows chance to receive no damage.
1250, ??, ??, ??
polymorph.gif Polymorph Mage Ability:
Polymorph enemy to receive auto-victory on next attack
and reduce damage received.
1250, ??, ??, ??
heal.gif Heal Cleric Ability:
Heals one targeted ally for some health.
1250, ??, ??, ??
shout.gif Shout Warrior Ability:
On victory, you gain +16 damage bonus. Surrounding
allies also gain +9 damage bonus (not stackable)
4000, ??, ??, ??
ambush.gif Ambush Rogue Ability:
+50 Damage to Enemy in Guild Battles with Full Health.
5000, ??, ??, ??
magicbarrier.gif Magic Barrier Mage Ability:
Absorb 100 Damage in Guild Battles and Guild Monsters
(Lasts 1 hour) - Self Only
5000, ??, ??, ??
dispel.gif Dispel Cleric Ability:
Remove a Debuff and Heal a Player for 20 Health.
5000, ??, ??, ??
deianira.gif Deianira Epic Hero during an Age of War… 2500
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