Story: Land of Fire

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After weeks of travel, you've finally returned home. Viewing from a hill overlooking your village, a horrific scene nearly stops your heart. You gasp as you realize that your village… is burning…Rushing into town, you see four figures locked in combat with fierce orcs. Who do you aid?

Here you can pick: Strider, Dragan, Penelope or Sophia. Different choices may affect a little of the beginning storyline as well as player stats (currently unknown) We will assume that different choices matter. If you click skip intro, you will skip a couple lines of story to CA Start.

Strider path:

Energy: 14?
Health: 100
Stamina: 10?


Together you engage in a fierce battle and force the orcs to retreat. In the moment of victory, your battle partner falls to one knee, lowers their head, and says, "Welcome home, Commander." You smile as you realize that this is one of your comrades from your military days.
The moment is short-lived, however, as you see a feminine figure in purple garb approaching.


Celesta: You have returned! But a little too late, it seems. They found what they came for, an ancient holy relic from our temple…
We must retrieve it at all costs! Come, I'll explain on the way…


Welcome to Castle Age! I am looking forward to our adventures. To perform our first quest, click on the green QUEST button in the Guard the City Walls quest.
But first, if you would like to gather more help, click on the red CALL TO ARMS button to call out to your friends to enter Castle Age with you.

A famous hero has heard word of you saving the village. He wants to meet you.
[GAIN 5 MORE EXPERIENCE to meet him!] - note amount of exp are approximate

Dragan: I've heard great things of your exploits. Together we can save this land.
[The Hero: Dragan has joined you!]

Celesta: I have tracked down a group of orcs ahead. It is dangerous, but we must investigate!
[GAIN 10 MORE EXPERIENCE to investigate!]

Celesta: Look! What is that down the road?
You see a campfire ahead in the distance. The hulking figures surrounding the fire are larger than human.

As you move closer, it becomes clear that the figures around the campfire are orcs. Your heart begins to pound as your muscles tense for a fight…
[GAIN 8 MORE EXPERIENCE to encounter them!]

(Kull swings his giant sword over his shoulder and turns to your direction.)

Kull: Puny Human. Your dare challenge the might of the Orc? Then come here!
[Gain 11 experience to muster the resolve to engage Kull.]

[Continue your Boss fight… Engage Kull, the orc Captain]

Kull: Orc Captain

Welcome to your first monster battle! Castle Age Monsters are interactive quests that you can play with friends. Slaying monsters will give you experience, gold and epic rewards! As you progress in the game, you will be able to battle hydras, dragons and many other monsters!
Click the "Call to Arms" button to battle this monster together with friends!
Click the "Attack" button to attack the monster!

Kull: I have defeated many like you!
*Grunt*You look like a tasty treat.
"You are no match for me!" The Kull: Orc Captain yells

[You have just defeated the Kull: Orc Captain, tell your friends!]

Kull: Orc Captain flees the battle after being defeated by you!

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