Monster Medals

Monster Medals can be earned by defeating a Monster. Depending on how fast you defeat a monster, you can earn a gold, silver, or bronze medal (or no medal at all). When you earn a gold medal, you will also earn skill point(s). Note that the medal system is different than the Achievements.

To earn a gold medal, you must defeat a monster within 24 hours of the monster being summoned. You must also put in a decent effort into taking down the monster. Each monster requires you to do a minimum amount of damage, or spend a minimum amount of stamina, to earn a medal. The specific damage/stamina needed is somewhat unknown, but if you deal at least the following amount of damage, you will earn a gold medal.

Epic Boss Monsters

Monster Requirement Reward
Gildamesh, the Orc King 9 Stamina and 5,000 Damage 1 Skill Point
Colossus of Terra 32 Stamina and 14,500 Damage 1 Skill Point
Sylvanas, the Sorceress Queen 175,000 Damage 1 Skill Point
Mephistopheles 300,000 Damage 1 Skill Point
Keira, the Dread Knight 60 Power Attacks 1 Skill Point
Lotus Ravenmoore 930,000 Damage 1 Skill Point
Skaar Deathrune 2,520,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Azriel, the Angel of Wrath 15,000,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Alpha Mephistopheles 16,500,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Lion's Rebellion 8,000 Soldiers 3 Skill Points

Epic Team Monsters

Monster Requirement Reward
Emerald Dragon 25 Power Attacks 2 Skill Points
Frost Dragon 30 Power Attacks 2 Skill Points
Gold Dragon 40 Power Attacks 2 Skill Points
Ancient Red Dragon 65 Power Attacks 2 Skill Points
Emerald Sea Serpent 100,000 Damage 2 Skill Points
Sapphire Sea Serpent 170,000 Damage 2 Skill Points
Amethyst Sea Serpent 327,456 Damage 2 Skill Points
Ancient Sea Serpent 454,192 Damage 2 Skill Points

Epic World Monsters

Monster Requirement Reward
Cronus, The World Hydra 3,100,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Battle of the Dark Legion 2,800 Orcs Killed 3 Skill Points
Genesis, the Earth Elemental 2,620,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental 3,000,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Bahamut, the Volcanic Dragon 3,000,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
Alpha Bahamut, the Volcanic King 15,000,000 Damage 3 Skill Points
War of the Red Plains 8,000 Soldiers Killed 3 Skill Points
Gehenna, The Fire Elemental 8,100,000 Damage 3 Skill Points


  • You do not need to be the summoner of the monster to win the medal. Everyone who did the minimum damage/stamina required, will win a gold medal if the monster dies within 24 hours.
  • Restoring health, fortifying, dispelling, strengthening, crippling, deflecting, or any activity that uses energy instead of stamina does not help you get medals.
  • The skill points are only awarded the first time you earn a gold medal from the monster.
  • A silver or bronze medal lets you know that you contributed enough damage or stamina but did not slain the beast within the 24 hour (gold medaling) window. Do it again but faster.
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