Alpha Bahamut

Levels to Summon: 150
HP: ~614 Mil to ~634 Mil
Time Limit: 168 Hours
Max Players Allowed: 150
- 60 people level 150+
- 30 people level 100-149
- 30 people level Levels 50-99
- 30 people level 1-49

Additional Information: When entering the battle, the player must choose to enter as a warrior, mage, rogue, or cleric.

Warriors gets the ability Strengthen for 10 energy (this can be done at any time, but gets a bonus during the proper status, see below).
Mages get the ability to cast Deflect for 10 energy (this is grayed out and unusable except when the status is "Bahamut is readying its Lava Breath", see below).
Rogues get the ability to Cripple for 10 energy (this is grayed out and unusable except when the status is "Bahamut is attempting to heal himself!", see below).
Clerics get the ability to cast Heal for 10 energy (this can be used at any time, but gets a bonus during the proper status, see below).

All classes have an attack that costs 5 stamina.

** 4 Statuses of 4/8 hours cycle each**
STATUS: Bahamut is snapping its large jaws at your party!
Tip: Warriors get a bonus using Strengthen (4 hours timer) - Strengthen increases/extends party's max health bar.
STATUS: The mana channels are aligned!
Tip: All Clerics cast HEAL (4 hours timer) - Heals
STATUS: Bahamut is attempting to heal himself!
Tip : All Rogues should Cripple. (8 hours timer) - During this status, the boss will try to heal if the Cripple Bar shown is not full.
STATUS: Bahamut is readying its Lava Breath
Tip: All Mages cast Deflection (8 hours timer) - Deflect a Lava Breath attack by the dragon, about 8 hours in. ( Lava breath = 670,000? dmg to party's health)

SAVE ENERGY FOR YOUR TYPE'S CYCLE Your attacks/defense will be 10-25% more effective
Legendary Drops:
Alpha Bahamut Artifact
Alpha Emerald Serpent 65/65
Alpha SapphireSerpent 70/70
Alpha Amethyst Serpent 75/75
Alpha Ancient Serpent 80/80

Epic Drops:
Volcanic Helm
Hellforge Plate
Hellforge Gauntlets

Rare Drops:
Burning Blade
Lavareign Axe
Inferno Shield
Blazerune Ring
Blazerune Necklace
Hellkite Minion

Crystal Drops
You have chances (depending on activity) to receive one of each crystal each time you slay a Volcanic Dragon. Additionally your chances are increased when other players of different level ranges participate more.

Volcanic Ruby
Volcanic Topaz
Volcanic Sapphire
Volcanic Emerald

Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons can be fired for extra damage, as indicated below:

Siege Weapon Damage Number of Assists
water_siege_small1.gif Catapult 22,250,000 30
water_siege_small2.gif Ballista 27,500,000 60
water_siege_small3.gif Fire Catapult 32,500,000 90
water_siege_small4.gif Silverlight Angels 37,500,000 120
water_siege_small5.gif Phoenix 42,500,000 200
alpha_bahamut_siege_blizzard_2.gif Blizzard 47,500,000 250
azriel_siege_inferno_2.jpg Inferno 55,000,000 300
Total 264,750,000

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