Alpha Vincent

Alpha Vincent is a monster available for Guild battle. It is a harder version of the Vincent guild monster. This plays out like a regular guild battle, and the monsters do not attack your party. Unlike PVP guild battles, you must defeat all of the opponents in the time allotted to claim victory. Like regular monster battles, your victory earns you loot based on your activity. The activity points you earn also go towards your guild's "monster points" tally.

Time limit: 168 hours (7 days)
boss_vincent.jpg Level 500 - Rogue
Alpha Vincent health: 3 Million HP appx. (may vary depending on size of the summoning Guild).

Minor Monsters
soldier_skeleton.jpg Skeleton Knight - Level 140 - Warrior - 5100 HP
soldier_werewolf.jpg Greater Werewolf - Level 150 - Rogue - 4700 HP
soldier_succubus.jpg Succubus Queen - Level 155 - Cleric - 4200 HP
soldier_vampire.jpg Vampire Lord - Level 160 - Mage - 4300 HP

Siege Weapons:

Weapon Required to summon Damage
Catapult 30 clicks 6,375 dmg
Ballista 60 clicks 11,475 dmg
Fire Catapult 90 clicks 15,300 dmg
Phoenix 120 clicks 19125 dmg

Legendary Loot:
Vincents Soul
Bloodwell Pendant
Volcanic Ruby
Volcanic Topaz
Volcanic Sapphire
Volcanic Emerald
Flame Invoker

Epic Loot:
Bloodlord Plate
Swarm of Darkness
Orc Champion

Rare Loot:
Crimson Cloak
Skeleton Knight
Greater Werewolf
Mark of the Empire
Zenarean Bow
Hellkite Minion

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