Azriel, The Angel of Wrath

Basic Information

Requirements to Summon: Orb of Azriel
Min Level Requirement to Summon:
HP: 640,000,000
Time Limit: 168 hours
Max Players Allowed: 135

  • 45 people levels 150+
  • 30 people levels 100-149
  • 30 people levels 50-99
  • 30 people levels 1-49

Siege Weapons

Siege Weapon Damage Number of Assists
water_siege_small1.gif Catapults 22,250,000 30
water_siege_small2.gif Ballistas 27,500,000 60
water_siege_small3.gif Fire Catapults 32,500,000 90
water_siege_small4.gif Silverlight Angels 37,500,000 120
water_siege_small5.gif Phoenixes 42,500,000 200
alpha_bahamut_siege_blizzard_2.gif Blizzard 47,500,000 250
azriel_siege_inferno_2.jpg Inferno 55,000,000 300
Total 264,750,000


Epic Summoner Chance Drops

Angelic Rebirth

Legendary Chance Drops

Soulless Pendant
Alpha Bahamut Artifact

Epic Chance Drops

Blood Flask
Archangels Battlegear

Rare Chance Drops

Avenging Mace
Zealot Robes
Celestial Helm
Holy Aura
Hellkite Minion

Attack Link

Victory Dialogue

Azriel swoops down from above with her mighty sword raised high. You are so mesmerized by the gracefulness of her flight and the speed at which she closes in on you that you barely have time to dodge her strike. As you roll out of the way and dodge the strike, Azriel is already on you unleashing a flurry of strikes. You are only able to parry a few of her strikes. As her blade breaks skin, a searing pain unlike any you have felt before shoots up your sides and takes your breath away. Azriels blade must be infused with some sort of magical energy. You struggle to stand on your feet but before you have a chance to fully recover, Azriel is again on you. This time Azriel begins to cast a spell and is surrounded by a shining blue light. She waves her hand in your direction and the ground begins to shake violently as if a volcano was about to erupt. The chamber itself feels like it is about to collapse on itself.

Suddenly, Excalibur starts to glow, similar to when you opened the pathway to the Kingdom of Heaven. You feel power course through your veins. The searing pain from Azriels wounds instantly subside and you are able to think clearly and focus on the matter at hand. Azriel herself seems to have slowed. Azriel again raises her sword for a strike. This time you raise Excalibur to easily block the strike. Excalibur cuts through Azriels blade as if it were not there. Azriel does her best to avoid your weapon as she twists away but Excalibur runs cleanly through her side. Azriel yelps in pain and grabs her side. She begins to bleed profusely and starts to lose the color from her face.

Azriel: "Impossible! No man-made weapon should be able to hurt an Archangel as myself. Only weapons forged from the Light or the Darkness would be able to harm archangelsā€¦

You: "I do not want to kill you! But you will force my hand if you do not tell me what your involvement with Mephistopheles is!"

Azriel: "As I promised, upon my defeat, I would divulge my reasons. Eons ago, when the continent of Valeria had just been born, there was a time of peace. The Creator was responsible for maintaining that peace. I admired the Creator for its fairness, its wisdom, and all its glory. Then on the fateful day, the Creator just decided to leave. Before the Creator left, it charged me with the responsibility to maintain that peace. I watched over everything and did my best to maintain that peace. As time passed, it became apparent to me that all individuals are greedy and thirst for power. Conflicts arise, wars break out. Pain and suffering are inevitable. Why should I prolong the inevitable suffering? Why not end all this suffering? My efforts to maintain peace were meaningless.

Over time, I realized that the intentions of Mephistopheles were the same as my own; to end the suffering. "

You: "Is that your answer? If it is, you are nothing but a selfish fool! Your actions are no different than a cowards. Mephistopheles is able to see the hatred within yourself and exploit it. Mephistopheles is using you as a puppet. Mephistopheles only wishes to rule over this world and cause more suffering. Although you may have given up hope, I will find a way. I will still continue to fight and break the cycle of suffering."

Azriel: "The life of a human is but a fleeting moment for beings such as us. If you have lived as long as I have, you would come to realize the futility of your efforts. I have no more attachment to this world and am ready to accept my fateā€¦."

As you walk towards Azriel with Excalibur grasped firmly between your hands, the sweat rolls down your forehead. You wish it did not have to end this way. Then suddenly, the chamber begins to shake. The foundation must have been damaged from Azriels spell. It looks as its about to completely collapse. As you are running towards the exit, you catch a glimpse of the ground swallowing up Azriel into a fissure. Azriel is gone…

With Azriel now gone, you are sure the Kingdom of Heaven and possibly the rest of the world will be thrown into disarray. Your only hope is to find Mephistopheles as soon as possible and end this conflict.

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