Cronus, The World Hydra

HP: ~125,000,000
Time Limit: 168 hours
Max Players Allowed: 130

Common/Uncommon Drops:
Favor Points
Demi Points

Rare Drops:
Dragon Charm
Serpentine Shield
Hydra: Tethys
Hydra: Rhea
Hydra: Epimetheus

Epic Drops:
Jewel of Fire
Hellkite Minion
Hellslayer Knight
Hydra: Atlas
Hydra: Prometheus

How to summon Cronus, The World Hydra

1 x Serpentine Shield

Siege Weapons

Siege Weapons can be fired for extra damage, as indicated below:

Siege Weapon Damage Number of Assists
Catapult 1,340,000 10
Ballista 2,680,000 20
Cannons 5,360,000 50
Blizzard 14,700,000 100
Firestorm 28,200,000 200
Last Stand 37,520,000 300
Total 89,800,000

To answer a Call to Arms and fire a Siege Weapon, it takes 1 stamina.

Other Information

Note: This information is still under works.

Here is the damage report for my Hydra.

You do NOT need to be friends with someone in order to assist them with their Call to Arms, or to Attack the Hydra. You can also assist once per day.

You can only battle 3 different Hydras at once, but helping to focus your attacks on one Hydra should prove challenge worthy enough.

Damage inflicted to the Hydra is dependent on your overall Attack/Offensive Might and 6 of your highest items, which are chosen by the game automatically.

It is not certain at this time whether the General does affect damage done, as no conclusive evidence has been found yet.

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