Gehenna, The Fire Elemental

Requirements to Summon: Lava Orb
Min Level Requirement to Summon:
HP: 310,000,000
Time Limit: 168 hours
Max Players Allowed:
Level 150+: 45 Max
Level 100-150: 30 Max
Level 50-100: 30 Max
Level 1-50: 30 Max
Total Players: 135 players

rage_bonus.jpgRage Bonus: Each attack adds to your "rage meter". Over time, this drops. Around a quarter of the bar you receive 1% additional damage to your attacks.

Legendary Chance Drops:
Tyrant Crown
Rune of Flame
Flame Invoker
Volcanic Ruby
Volcanic Topaz
Volcanic Sapphire
Volcanic Emerald

Epic Chance Drops:
Tooth of Gehenna
Hephaestus Sword
Gauntlet of Fire
Orc Champion
Lava Plate
Rune of Fire

Rare Chance Drops:
Galvanized Helm
Mark of the Empire
Zenarean Bow
Hellkite Minion

Siege Weapons:

Siege Weapon Damage Number of Assists
water_siege_small1.gif Catapults 14,750,000 30
water_siege_small2.gif Ballistas 18,500,000 60
water_siege_small3.gif Fire Catapults 21,000,000 120
water_siege_small5.gif Phoenixes 24,250,000 120
alpha_bahamut_siege_blizzard_2.gif Blizzard 27,000,000 200
azriel_siege_inferno_2.jpg Inferno 30,000,000 250
war_siege_holy_smite_2.jpg Holy Smite 35,000,000 300
Total Siege Damage 170,500,000 1080

Total Damage Remaining after seige weapons: 139,500,000 - 45%
Average Damage for 150+: 3,100,000 after weapons

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