Giant Arachnid

Basic Information

Summon Link: Summon
Summon Cost: 20 Energy

Currently, the link to summon the Giant Arachnid only appears on iPhone or iPod Touch. Everyone else can use the link above. After it is summoned, anyone can attack.

Your stats only helps to determine if you'll win or not your duels, like in a conventional guild battle. Damage/Stamina ratio is the same for everyone regardless of stats, and the only damage modifier applied is due to the Rogue ability (+100/stamina), Deianira (+20/stamina) or Deshara (+40/stamina if rogue as class).

Enemy Data

Unit Level Class Health Weapon Off-hand Helmet Armor Amulet Gauntlet Magic
giant_arachnid.jpg Giant Arachnid 15 Warrior 42,000 arachnid_claw.jpg - - arachnid_carapace.jpg - - arachnid_poison.jpg
armored_spider.jpg Armored Spider 12 Warrior 900 arachnid_claw.jpg - - arachnid_carapace.jpg - - arachnid_poison.jpg
entangling_spider.jpg Entangling Spider 12 Rogue 750 arachnid_claw.jpg - - arachnid_carapace.jpg - - arachnid_poison.jpg
poisonous_spider.jpg Poisonous Spider 8 Mage 600 arachnid_claw.jpg - - arachnid_carapace.jpg - - arachnid_poison.jpg


Epic Chance Drops

Gift Dragon
Gift Phoenix
Poisonous Spider
Entangling Spider
Armored Spider

Rare Chance Drops

Long Sword
Steel Shield
Steel Gauntlet
Arachnid Slayer
Shadowsilk Armor

Uncommon Chance Drops

Helenas Memento
Magic Missile

Common Chance Drops

Mountain Keep
Energy Potion

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