Karn, the Minotaur

Basic Information

HP: 115 Stamina
Time Limit: 120 hours
Max Players Allowed: 15

Karn, The Minotaur is a Quest Mini-Boss found in the Land of Earth. You can only summon him once. He will appear on the map once you have Level 1 100% Influence on the The Forbidden Forest main quest. You will also need at least 20 Army members or pay 30 Favor Points to unlock the battle.


Epic Summoner Chance Drops

Minotaurs Battle Armor

Unique Chance Drops

Skullcrush Mace

Rare Chance Drops

Minotaurs Battle Armor
Pendant of the Bull
Iron Axe
Battle Spear
Tempest Crown


  • This is a Stamina based monster. A certain amount of stamina must be spent to defeat him.
  • One Power Attack counts as 6 Stamina spent, not 5.
  • Critical hits count as 3 Attacks.
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