Ragnarok, the Ice Elemental

Basic Information

Requirements to Summon: Ice Orb
Min Level Requirement to Summon: 80
HP: 110,000,000
Glacial Armor: 6,000,000
Time Limit: 168 hours
Max Players Allowed: 220

Siege Weapons

Siege Weapon Damage Number of Assists
water_siege_small1.gif Catapult 7,260,000 30
water_siege_small2.gif Ballista Catapult 9,075,000 60
water_siege_small3.gif Fire Catapult 10,890,000 90
water_siege_small4.gif Silverlight Angels 14,520,000 120
water_siege_small5.gif Phoenix 18,150,000 200
Total 59,895,000


Epic Chance Drops

Frost Bolt
Thawing Star
Frost Edge
Glacial Helm
Hellslayer Knight

Rare Chance Drops

Glacial Raiments
Frozen Signet
Icy Handguards
Icicle Lance
Arctic Blade
Hellkite Minion

Uncommon Chance Drops

Common Chance Drops

Attack Link

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