The Oracle gives you the option to use your Favor Points for various tasks and items.


Offer Favor Points
Full refill of Energy, Health or Stamina 10
3 extra Army members (of any demi power) 20
4 hours of income 10
A name change 10

The Oracle also offers you limited time items. These items have a specific time limit before they become unattainable.

Current Limited Time Offers:

Oberon.jpg Oberons_Might.jpg Crest_of_the_Griffin.jpg Griffinhyde_Armor.jpg
Oberon (General) Oberon's Might (Weapon) Crest of the Griffin (Shield) Griffinhyde Armor (Armor)
30 Favor Points 25 Favor Points 25 Favor Points 25 Favor Points
Special: Increase Health
as a Warrior
+1 attack to Oberon +1 defense to Oberon +1 defense to Oberon

At the bottom of the page, you can buy Favor Points or get them as rewards from third-party offers.

The standard ratio is in USD:
30 FP $5.00 6:1
60 FP $10.00 6:1
120 FP $20.00 6:1
180 FP $30.00 6:1
240 FP $40.00 6:1
300 FP $45.00 6.667:1
600 FP $90.00 6.667:1
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