Soldiers are purchased with gold, earned as gifts, won in monster battles or found in purchaseable treasure chest.

They can be used to fill the ranks of your army, or required to complete a quest. Some of soldiers with more respectable attack/defensive skills require an hourly upkeep, which is paid for by your land income.

Town - Epic

Type Att Def Initial Cost Incremental Cost Upkeep Minimum Quest World
Seraphim Angel 24 21 2,225,000,000 222,500,000 250,000 The Kingdom of Heaven
Platinum Knight 23 27 4,000,000,000 400,000,000 450,000 The Ivory City

Other Soldiers

*indicates units that have a duplicate 'gift' version of them, with the same stats but not purchasable or sellable.
Gift versions do not count towards quest qualifications.

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