War is available as an option on the Battle page, along with Duel and Invade. It costs 10 stamina to initiate a war attack.

War is essentially seven duels, your War Council versus your opponent's War Council. Your War Council consists of seven generals, which may include your own character. Your War Council may be set on the War Rank page. If you do not select a War Council before attacking or being attacked, the game places your character at the Main Gate (center square) and then places your six strongest generals from left to right.

How War is conducted is for each spot (1-7), the general from each side is matched up in a duel. Your best seven sets of items will be randomly assigned to you and your heroes, though you will only be allowed at most 3 of any particular item. The winner of that match-up will gain the player a certain amount of points depending on the "importance" of that spot:

West Rampart Mage Tower Archer Wall Main Gate Armory Tower East Rampart
2 points 3 points 1 point 5 points 1 point 3 points 2 points

The winner of a War attack will gain gold, XP and War Points. The loser will have gold, XP and War Points deducted.

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