War Rank

War is a mode of attack that is available as a direct PvP attack (via the Battle screen) and as a monster attack ("Tactics").

War Points are earned by winning War battles against other players. Beating someone with a higher war rank will reward you with more War Points and Experience Points, while beating someone with a lower level will provide fewer or no points.

When an opponent makes war on you and you lose, you may also lose War Points. It is possible to lose War Points and drop down a rank, but you will never drop down a tier. If you drop down a rank, you will not be able to purchase any items that were unlocked with your previous war rank, until you gain that rank again.

Enlisted Tier War Points Reward
war_rank_1.gif Rank 1 - Reserve 100 5 Skill Points
war_rank_2.gif Rank 2 - Footman 250 5 Skill Points
war_rank_3.gif Rank 3 - Corporal 450 Ornate Axe
Captain Tier War Points Reward
war_rank_4.gif Rank 4 - Lieutanant 700 5 Skill Points
war_rank_5.gif Rank 5 - Captain 1,200 5 Skill Points
war_rank_6.gif Rank 6 - First Captain 2,000 Barbarian Captain
Guard Tier War Points Reward
war_rank_7.gif Rank 7 - Blackguard 3,000 5 Skill Points
war_rank_8.gif Rank 8 - Warguard 5,000 5 Skill Points
war_rank_9.gif Rank 9 - Master Warguard 7,500 Arcane Blast
Colonel Tier War Points Reward
war_rank_10.gif Rank 10 - Lieutenant Colonel 10,000 5 Skill Points
war_rank_11.gif Rank 11 - Colonel 14,000 5 Skill Points
war_rank_12.gif Rank 12 - First Colonel 19,500 Pendant of Wonder
Warchief Tier War Points Reward
war_rank_13.gif Rank 13 - Lieutenant Warchief 22,500 5 Skill Points
war_rank_14.gif Rank 14 - Warchief 27,000 5 Skill Points
war_rank_15.gif Rank 15 - High Warchief 32,500 Orc Chieftan
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